• Air Conditioning

    With Air Conditioning now a standard feature on around 7 of out 10 new vehicles on the road today, the benefits of an efficient air conditioning system is often taken for granted.


    It is designed to not only provides nice, cool air on a hot summer day but also dry warm or cool air for demisting on a cold, wet winter morning.


    For the system to work effectively, however, it requires routine maintenance in the form of an air conditioning recharge or air conditioning regas as its sometimes known.


    An air conditioning recharge not only refills the refrigerant gas to the manufacturer's recommended level but also replenishes the systems essential lubricating oil, ensuring that the air conditioning compressor and other components are maintained in good working order.


    Many vehicle manufacturers recommend your car air conditioning system recharged every 2 years and seeing as this is not checked on an MOT test or as part of any routine vehicle service schedule if it hasn’t been specifically requested it will not have been carried out so please book into to check all is well today .......

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